Our good customers are Tsukiji Middlemen.

Many Tsukiji middlemen come to Iwasa Sushi. Actually, I mmyself do brokerage operations as well.
Our Sushi can satisfy even those who know everything about Tsukiji.
Just because we serve the best, it does not mean that tourists or other customers are not welcome to Iwasa Sushi. We always hope that every customer relaxes and enjoys the atmosphere and good taste of Tsukiji. We are waiting for your visit!

Variety of customers visit Iwasa Sushi, such as Tsukiji Market professionals, visitors from overseas, businessmen from Ginza.

14 counter seats. Small but Enjoyable restaurant.

We’ve been in Tsukiji Market for 20 years.
I love Tsukiji.
My pleasure is to share the attraction of Tsukiji with customers. I’m waiting for your visit!

I enjoy communicating with customers from all over the world!

I’m in the kitchen most of the time.
I don’ get to see customers a lot, but it is my pleasure that customers eat what I prepared.

I would like to make customers satisfied with Tsukiji taste and atmosphere.

We offer the best always!
Please visit Iwasa Sushi.