Pacific Bluefin Tuna! Wild White Fish!

Iwasa Sushi offers Pacific bluefin tuna and wild white fish.
Subsidiary of Iwasa Sushi operates 8 intermediate wholesalers. That’s why Iwasa Sushi is able to assess and purchase the best seafood everyday.
Fishes from the market are quickly prepared for customers. Please enjoy the taste of real seafood.

Please try many seafood as you can. They may taste different from what you tasted before.

Best seafood. Best Sushi rice

It’s important to use fresh seafood.
But Sushi is not all about seafood. Iwasa Sushi also cares about Sushi rice.
Steamed rice is put in big rice container, mixed with rice vinegar and other ingredients. The more Sushi rice cooked at one time, the tastier it will be.

Each restaurant has original recipe of the Sushi rice dressing.
The essence of Sushi is the combination of seafood and sushi rice.